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From Fredom to Dependency

From Freedom to Dependency for the Elderly, the Difficult Family Talk

Throughout November, National Family Caregiver Month, we are revisiting posts such as this one from December 2015 that focus on the issue.

Family Fracas: When Taking Care of a Parent Causes Grief Between Siblings

November is National Family Caregivers Month. In recognition, we are reposting this November 2015 article in which the author offers valuable information on how children of a parent who requires a great deal of care can contribute even if not in the same city and support each other.

An Education in Eldercare: Understanding Caring for a Loved One

The author shares his moving and informative personal story of unexpectedly, in his 30s, becoming his grandmother’s caretaker in this revisited October 2015 article.

The Cost and Confusion of Caring for Our Elderly

When people are confronted with the challenges of caring for an elderly loved one, the…