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[FOOD] The Plantain Provocateur

February 5 is World Nutella Day. We suggest celebrating by following the advice of the author of this February 2012 article and using the delicious chocolatey hazelnut spread on fried plantains or adding it to a sundae.

Chocolate Ganache

[RECIPE] Decadent Chocolate Ganache

It’s not uncommon to see avant-garde dessert combinations on gourmet menus. Some work. Others baffle.…

wine grapes

Grape Funk: A Wine List You Can Groove To

For those of us who dismissed South Africa’s Pinotage (Pee-no-taj) as metal-hard and inaccessible, rediscovering…

5 Ways to Curb Your Sexual Appetite

A friend, who is in the middle of a Lifetime Movie Network-style break-up, recently shared…

‘My New F-Word’

I love to eat. For those who know me well, two hours without food and…