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[GET LIFE] The Ultimate Winter Workout Guide

Yes, it’s January, typically the coldest month of the year, and harder to stick to an outdoor fitness routine. Follow the advice offered by the fitness trainer author of this revisited December 2013 article to help you stay on track.

[GET LIFE] 4 Tips for Successful Fitness Resolutions

The author, a certified personal trainer, shares her advice for following through on New Year’s fitness resolutions in this reposted 2014 article.

african american woman working out

What’s a Good Workout Routine?

What may be a good workout for your best friend may not be a good one for you. Follow the advice in this August 2014 article to learn how to determine the best way for you to get fit.

4 Tips for Fitness Burnout

[GET LIFE] 4 Tips for Fighting Fitness Burnout

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall behind in your exercise regime because you just don’t feel like dong it. Take the advice of a fitness pro on how to overcome in this revisited October 2013 article.

Why You Need Fats in Your Diet 11.19.19

Why You Need Fats in Your Diet

All fats in food are not created equal, and some are essential to a healthy diet says the author of this revisited September 2014 article.

Are You Ready to Have Your Come-to-Fitness Moment?

According to the author, being serious about getting fit means being realistic about what it will take to do so in this revisited May 2013 article.

[GET LIFE]Your Post-Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Raise your hand if you ate a teeny weeny bit more than usual this past…

african american woman back pain

How to Avoid Back Pain While You Train

Picture it: you’re in the gym, you’re working hard, you’re getting in the heavy weights,…

african american woman workout fatigue

Don’t Be Fooled By Photoshopped Fitness Pics

There’s a video making the rounds on Facebook, detailing the myriad ways in which we…

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Is Junk Food O.K. in Moderation?

Every so often, when I start talking about food and how it’s in the best…