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Strawberry Ice Cream Float recipe

[RECIPE] Strawberry Ice Cream Float

If you’re like us, you believe it’s never too cold to eat ice cream–and besides, today we have an excuse: January 15 is National Strawberry Ice Cream Day. In celebration of the sweet treat, we’re reposting this June 2014 recipe.

[RECIPE] Light Chocolate Mousse

October 28 is National Chocolate Day. Celebrate by preparing this light, luscious recipe we originally posted in February 2014.

Cornmeal Pound Cake Recipe

[RECIPE] Cornmeal Pound Cake

In recognition of National Dessert Day on October 14, we are reposting this terrific recipe from April 2014.

[RECIPE] Light Oreo Smoothie

My only rule for healthy recipes: they have to taste unhealthy!  It is the best…

[RECIPE] Napoli Inspired Pizza Dough

This recipe all started with a European vacation, which ended in a life-changing trip to L'Antica…

[RECIPE] Skinny BabyCake Banana Pudding Milkshakes

Banana pudding is a classic treat that sorely needed a milkshake remix.  Instead of just making…

[RECIPE] Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes

I am constantly inspired by everything around me but more than anything, I am inspired…

[RECIPE] Strawberry Crumbles

I've been annoyed with the spring weather lately in Chicago.  Day after day, I am…

[RECIPE] Banana Pudding Tiramisu

Now that you're (hopefully) all done with the stress of filing your taxes, treat yourself…

[RECIPE] Blood Orangesicle Frozen Yogurt

Childhood nostalgia often inspires my dessert creations.  Orangesicle, Dreamsicle and Creamsicle flavors overwhelm my memory…