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Actress Amandla Stenberg Explains Why Black Girls Rock with Magic

Actress Amandla Stenberg Explains Why Black Girls Rock with Magic

by Kristin Braswell   Apr 08, 2016

Steady.  Thoughtful. Vulnerable. Watching Amandla Stenberg’s evolution over the years has included far more than just movie credits and paparazzi flashes. The 17-year-old actress,... Read More

african american woman chef

Meet Chef Nyesha Arrington

by Kristin Braswell   Jan 28, 2016

Dining by the ocean in Los Angeles is a common tradition. What’s not so common? A bistro headed by a Black female chef and... Read More

Prison Movie Television

Prison Film Program Fosters Creative Edutainment

by Kristin Braswell   Jan 06, 2016

Discourse and action regarding prison reform in the U.S. is arduous but necessary—it’s the looming force that this country must reckon with. And no... Read More

costa rica Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort

‘Pura Vida’ Meets Chic in Costa Rica [TRAVEL]

by Kristin Braswell   Oct 28, 2015

Living in New York City, peace can often seem like a rare blessing. That’s why a short, 3.5 hour flight to Costa Rica felt... Read More

Travel to California: Exploring the Coast and Beyond

Travel to California: Exploring the Coast and Beyond

by Kristin Braswell   Sep 09, 2015

There's just something about California. As a native of the state, I know of its allure for visitors all too well: the sun beating... Read More

White Bean Kale Soup

White Bean Kale Soup

by Kristin Braswell   Mar 09, 2015

Since the winter has no plans of letting up just yet and it’s always a good time to eat healthy, here is a bone-warming soup... Read More

Beat the Winter Blues!

Beat the Winter Blues!

by Kristin Braswell   Feb 23, 2015

Old man winter is upon us in full force. As you mentally prepare to brace for the cold each day, know that what you... Read More


New Goddess Flow

by Kristin Braswell   Feb 19, 2015

The 20-year-old twins of Ibeyi may not always see eye-to-eye, but music has been central to their relationship. Considering the sounds of their bloodline, it's not... Read More

Greenville south carolina falls park Liberty Bridge at Falls Park

Greenville, SC:
Where Southern Charm Meets Cosmopolitan Living

by Kristin Braswell   Feb 05, 2015

When the wind hits my face after the second mile, I begin to really let go. Legs pumping, Beyoncé blasting–I have not a single... Read More

Pan “Fried” Chicken Thighs

Pan "Fried" Chicken Thighs

by Kristin Braswell   Jan 20, 2015

Due to the juicy nature of dark meat, these pan fried chicken thighs pack a ton of flavor. They are also a great way... Read More