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We Need to Talk to Teens About The Viral Videos of Mothers Degrading Their Daughters

Watching Black girls being emotionally abused by their parents isn’t entertainment.

meghan markle, prince harry

Thank Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for Showing Us What Toxic Actually Looks Like

Toxic has become one of the most overused pop mental health terms of the last…

Black Women Should Feel Free to be Happy—and Sad

Black women experience a unique mix of stressors, and need the space to process them.

Chris Rock Criticized for Allowing White Comics to Say N-Word

Chris Rock: The Last Race Man in Hollywood [INTERVIEW]

The superstar comedian is celebrating his 55th birthday today, and we’re celebrating him by reposting this exclusive December 2014 interview.

Holiday Happiness: Will You Fake It or Make It?

For some, this festive time of year is dreaded, not joyful. Learn how to best deal with holiday anxiety in this revisited December 2016 article.

What a Gem! Meet Diamond Dealer Zenobia Morrow

Thinking of buying your beloved an engagement ring this holiday season or any other time? Follow the advice of the gemstone expert in this revisited March 2017 post.

[The Upload] ConnXus Connects Black-Owned Tech Companies With Dollars

August is National Black Business Month. In recognition and celebration of that fact, we are revisiting this November 2016 article.


Shoppe Black’s Entrepreneurs Commit to Business—And Each Other

We are revisiting this December 2016 article in recognition and celebration of August’s designation as National Black Business Month.

Top 10 HBCUs—& The Real Convo You Need to Have With Your Kids

It’s never too early for high schoolers and their parents to start thinking about college, whether for the next academic year or years down the road. Though it focuses on HBCUs, this December 2016 article offers valuable information for all college-bound students and their families.

8 Myths About HBCUs That Simply Aren’t True—and Why

It’s back-to-school time, and we are once again sharing this post from 2016 that busts those myths about historically Black colleges and universities.