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When Oppression Is the Status Quo, Disruption Is a Moral Duty

The Necessity of Disruption

Some seem to think we’ve reached a point in time where the right to vote…

18-Year-Old Ala. Inmate Hanged Herself in Jail, Authorities Say

Kindra Chapman Found Dead in Jail Cell

An 18-year-old Alabama girl reportedly took her own life while being held at a local…

The Sex-Abuse-to-Prison Pipeline: How Girls of Color Are Unjustly Arrested and Incarcerated

How Girls of Color are Abused by the Criminal Justice System

My organization, the Human Rights Project for Girls, along with the Georgetown Law Center on…

Hannibal Buress: More Than Just That Cosby Joke

Meet Hannibal Buress

TR: So what do you consider your biggest break? HB: I would say writing for…

3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets: The Death of Jordan Davis

3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets, Reviewed

When Michael Dunn murdered 17-year-old Jordan Davis in the parking lot of Gate gas station…

Throw Away the Script: How Media Bias Is Killing Black America

How Media Bias Contributes to the Death of Black Americans

Many studies have tackled implicit racial bias in law enforcement, health care and the legal…