Hip-hop culture was hit with another major shock after news broke that WorldStarHipHop.com founder, Lee O’Denat had died at massage parlor in San Diego, this past January at age 43.

Affectionately known as “Q”, the autopsy report recently revealed that the late entrepreneur died of natural causes as a result of severe buildup of plaque near his heart and obesity.

According to the L.A. Times, the autopsy report detailed that after receiving a 30-minute massage, the masseuse stepped out and returned five minutes later to find Q slumped over with his hand on the wall. Paramedics arriving on the scene worked to revive him through CPR, but he was unresponsive and was pronounced dead.

A devoted father of three, O’Denat’s sister told authorities that her brother battled an “unspecified heart problem.” He was currently taking medication for his condition. He also suffered a heart attack about eight years ago, the report said. Weighing 345-pounds, the coroners also discovered he had an enlarged liver and fatty liver disease.

Upon the initial news of his passing, many colleagues, friends, family and supporters shared their condolences across social media.

Q founded the WorldStar Hip Hop site in 2005 with the original intent to provide a space for newly released mixtapes. The site soon grew in popularity with its controversial showcasing of fight scenes and eventually expanded to become a leading trend in entertainment news.

Rest in peace, Q.