We often neglect ourselves in the midst of the grind, leaving us vulnerable to exhaustion, pesky breakouts, stress-related disorders and even total burnouts. From the “living singles” to the single parents and the married with kids, self-care comes second to family matters, responsibilities and the pursuit of success.

“Sleep when you are dead” or “work when they sleep and learn when they party” are common millennial proverbs used in relation to prosperity, which unfortunately perpetuates unhealthy stigmas and endless bad habits — one being: Putting yourself last. Though the media is shedding light on the benefits of physical and mental wellness, self-care still comes as a luxury for many. And as a native of the city that never sleeps, I can relate. So, when presented with the opportunity to experience an “Avenir State of Mind” with Buick at the luxurious BlackBerry Farm, how could I say no?

As a rule of thumb, luxury is synonymous with the glamorous life — filled with shiny diamonds, high fashion and beat faces. But everything that glitters ain’t gold, and behind the scenes our favorite celebs are often stressed out, overworked and unhappy. True self-indulgence lies in comfort and relaxation, and ultimately taking care of your body from the inside out. Buick’s 2018 Enclave Avenir and BlackBerry Farm both exist as reflection of such sentiments and highlights as the ultimate state of luxury. I found new meaning to “Treating yo’ self” on my road trip to Tennessee, see why below.

Luxury Lies in Comfort and Convenience

My colleague and I hit the road from Atlanta to BlackBerry Farm in Tennessee and enjoyed a smooth ride in Buick’s Avenir. Though I am not a fan of long car rides, the four-hour drive was less like a task and more of an experience of ease, especially with such comfortable seating. The adaptive cruise control made for great stress-free driving while the Pandora app and car play made for a fun jam session. The lane change alert is also note-worthy to mention as it kept us on our toes while the seat warmers were a cool addition to nighttime driving. We pretty much just sat back and let the car do it’s thing, and you can’t go wrong with that.

It’s All in the Details

Arriving at the farm, we were greeted with the ultimate southern hospitality and feeling welcomed has a way of boosting even the happiest of folk. And after a long drive, the accommodations made it worth the while! Situated on a 4,200-acre estate in the Great Smoky Mountains, the view was breathtaking and our room, which was actually a small cottage, was a refuge of carefree comfort. From cozy beds to plush robes and heated bathroom floors, the luxurious amenities reflect a thorough attention to detail that allows for the ultimate mental and spiritual getaway. To top it off, we were provided with a golf-cart or drivers as a wheels around the property. Talk about having the world at your finger tips!

Good Health is the Real Wealth

The delicacies and luxury of Blackberry Farm is also rooted in its cuisine and activities. From the master gardener, to the preservationist, to the baker and the butcher, our bellies were filled with the freshest of foods — feeding our bodies while also satisfying our taste buds. The spa or “Wellhouse” is also a grandeur and lush experience, created specifically with “self-care” in mind.

After such an incredible experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve been doing life all wrong! Thanks Buick and Blackberry Farm for showing me the light. You can never be TOO good to yourself! Do yourself a favor and “treat yo’ self” more often.