Ayesha Curry is the queen of hosting a family-friendly holiday gathering at-home and whipping up mouth-watering dishes for her friends and loved ones. From her cookware line and wine label, to owning restaurants and a retail lifestyle store—this boss mom knows a thing or two about curating an elevated experience not only for the adults in her life, but for her children, too.

Trying to find that perfect balance between making sure your dinner party has all the touches of luxe that you desire, while still being kid-friendly can be tough. That's why we tapped Curry to get a little insight on how we, too, can host elevated family-friendly holiday events this season. She recently teamed up with Pottery Barn and is sharing everything from must-have decor to how to let your hair down and just enjoy the season. If you're looking for a few pointers from one of the best, here's how you can host your family holiday like the lifestyle entrepreneur.

EBONY: How can parents achieve a stunning holiday look at-home while also being kid-friendly?

Ayesha Curry: I love to bring the outdoors in and will trim some nice sculptural branches from the garden to serve as a centerpiece. I also love using candles and Pottery Barn's large statement lanterns as decor to add a warm glow to the evening (remember to light unscented or flameless candles around the dinner table, so you don’t compete with the food!). But the most important mood setter in my house is a really good holiday playlist.

Image: Seth Smoots.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions that get your family in the Christmas spirit?

Typically, in our house, the holidays are a time to let your hair down. I like a stress-free holiday – shoes off, music on – with lots of great food surrounded by the people I love most. Our family loves a good matching PJ set. And morning pancakes are a staple in our house, with an extra-large cup of coffee for me.

What are some of your favorite family-friendly holiday recipes to make with your kids?

Cooking at home tends to be much more rustic than dishes for the restaurant, but one thing is similar in that I love family-style dining. There’s something really special about sitting around the table and sharing a meal with people. In my opinion, it’s the best way to connect and share some quality time. At home, I definitely have my go-to family favorites like my extra cheesy mac n cheese and my crab bucatini, but this year I’m also excited to lean into some super flavorful vegetarian entrées.