Harlem rapper Azealia Banks may not be widely known for her music, but chances are you’ve heard her name mentioned a time or three because of her Twitter antics. The 24-year-old famously beefed with T.I. and his former protégé Iggy Azalea, went on an epic rant about why she wasn’t feeling Beyonce’s Lemonade (after gushing over it when it first hit), called for former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin to be gang raped, described Rihanna as “lazy and complacent,” and most recently, threw her support behind Donald Trump because he wants the “U.S. to be lavish.”

While Banks’ sharp elbows rarely seem to do more than rile up her critics and turn her name into a social media trending topic, her latest tantrum just cost the rapper some actual and factual cash.

Tuesday night, Banks accused former One Direction singer Zayn Malik of jacking her aesthetic. After Malik tweeted, “I see you reaching but I don’t care,” Banks went all the way off in an ugly series of tweets that included calling Malik, who’s of Pakistani descent, a “sand n**ger,” “curry scented,” and accused his mother of being a “dirty refugee.”

Though Malik chose not to engage with Banks, who seems to be itching for a fight with anyone with a bigger name or platform than her own, 14-year-old Disney star Skai Jackson got the rapper all the way straight, telling Banks to “worry about her career.”


When Banks tried to clap back, calling Jackson a meme, the teen flawlessly shut her down.


After getting bodied by a 14-year-old, Banks went on to turn her attention to UK rappers, calling the country’s homegrown (and super popular) Grime scene a “disgrace to rap culture in general,” and even hurled a few jabs at individual artists.

Banks was supposed to headline Rinse FM and Born & Bred’s music festival in London next month, but all that changed after her hate-filled rants. Festival promoters issued a statement announcing Banks’ performance had been scrapped.

“We have decided to cancel Azealia Banks’ headline appearance at Rinse Born & Bred,” the statement read. “Rinse Born & Bred is a celebration of rave culture and has been created for EVERYONE. We celebrate inclusivity and equality.”

Now that her Twitter fingers are messing up her money, maybe Banks will keep her mouth shut…but we doubt it.


Britni Danielle is an Los Angeles based writer and novelist. Catch her tweeting @BritniDWrites