The LGBT community has made great strides over the last 10 years in the area of equality for same sex couples, forcing the hands of lawmakers to place a stamp of approval on same-sex marriage and spousal support for partners. But what happens when a same-sex couple wants to have children?

Many couples within the LGBT community have gone the route of adoption, making the process a lot simpler, while others have opted for surrogacy. But what about the lesbian couples who want to go through the process of natural conception without the heavy overhead? In vitro fertilization can cost thousands of dollars before producing results, and inexpensive processes involving turkey basters and a semen samples aren’t an ounce of sexy or enjoyable.

So exactly how does the lesbian of today remove the middleman (pun intended) without breaking the bank? Well, thanks to the brainchild of Stephanie Berman, conception for lady lovers just became a lot sexier and easier on the pockets.

Made in the heart of America from 100% medical grade silicon, the Semenette is what sex toy enthusiasts would describe as a “squirting dildo” based on its abilities to mimic the ejaculatory process. This functional sex toy comes in three flesh-toned colors and is packaged with detachable, disposable parts that eliminate consumer’s concerns about toxicity or contamination. Available at just under $140 bucks, this sex accessory is timely for the couple on a budget. P

Perfectly comfortable for the experienced lesbian lover, the Semenette is featured in a size large enough to fit traditional harnesses worn during intimacy. The semen needed to complete conception is, of course, not included in the package. But a small sample from a trusted donor, whether it be live semen or preserved from a bank, is all that’s needed for lady lovers to add to their family dynamic.

The idea for creating a high quality dildo that’s not only functional but pleasurable was born from Stephanie Berman’s desire to begin a family with her newlywed wife. She also wanted a shot at servicing the growing demands of lesbian couples for an effective, cost-efficient way to reproduce. Her background in women’s productive health, working alongside her mother in their family business of supplying medical devices for assisted reproductive technologies, provided her knowledge of what was needed to produce a product that worked. Now, thanks to the effectiveness of her own invention, Berman and her wife are the proud mothers of a 2-year-old daughter.

So how exactly does the Semenette work? The dildo is threaded through the shaft using one of three tubes provided with the toy. A custom tip goes into the top of the tubing and a bulb attaches at the other end. The fluid used in the dildo (whether semen, lubricant or water) is drawn into the tube and the custom tip is placed on the end to lock the tubing in place while the dildo’s in action. When it’s time for ejaculation, the bulb is squeezed and the squirting action completes its job. It really is that simple.

Since its debut on the market, the Semenette has been embraced by many communities outside of the LGBT community, including BDSM, transgendered, kink and fetish communities. This functioning dildo has aided in 15 successful conceptions, according to feedback Berman has received from her personal friends.

“I’ve invented something that I know works,” she says when asked how her product is being received by the public. “The response has been incredible! I only had a vision of this being used by same sex couples like myself. But once I started talking to stores, buyers and developers in the sex toy industry, people became excited about this product, because there aren’t many on the market.”

The demand for the Semenette has grown since its debut, so to meet the demands of her growing customer base, Berman has launched stage two of prototyping for a second version of the award winning dildo: a “non-realistic” version created from a softer silicon blend, available in four basic colors. This Semenette V2 is currently being supported by the company’s Indiegogo fund and intends to meet the demands of lesbians who’ve complained about the first version’s realistic phallic appearance.

Society has advanced extensively from the days of closeted lovers who were forced to live out their truths in secret. Now thanks to the Semenette, the greatest display of love between soulmates is now made possible for lesbian couples around the world. I give two thumbs up to Stephanie Berman for providing a solution to a common issue for lesbian couples many have overlooked. This is a step in the right direction towards sex positivity and equality for all couples, no matter their orientation.

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Glamazon Tyomi is a freelance writer, model and sex educator with a deeply rooted passion for spreading the message of sex positivity and encouraging the masses to embrace their sexuality. Her website,, reaches internationally as a source for advice and information for the sexually active/curious. Follow her on Twitter at @glamazontyomi.