Strapless and backless become intimidating words when your back isn’t as smooth as you’d like. It’s an area prone to acne, weird spots, scarring and a host of other imperfections that make you rethink your summer wardrobe.

However, the key to maintaining this hard to reach area is simple consistency. Like the skin that covers the rest of our bodies, the back needs a habitual beauty regimen to stay clean and clear.


The skin on our backs is much harder than the skin on our faces, so it requires some serious softening. Due to the fact that cleansers and moisturizers don’t always reach that particular area, this thick skin is more susceptible to having rough, dark patches. Daily exfoliation is a must. Keep a loofah or coarse brush in your shower and use a creamy body wash, like Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash, to ensure that your back stays moisturized after rinsing. If you use an acne body wash, follow up with a moisturizing wash to restore balance, since they can tend to dry out your already parched skin.


Need to apply lotion to your own back? There’s an app for that. Head over to Bed, Bath & Beyond to snag their Lotion Applicator Back Brush, a long-handled bath tool with a foam head. You can easily glide on creams, oils and serums. Try Carol’s Daughter Orange Ambrosia Shea Soufflé to intensely hydrate and give your back a brightening boost with its infusion of citrus oils.


There’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help to soothe your back worries. Head to your local spa and request a “back facial” – a pampering session of extracting blackheads and exfoliating away dead layers of skin to reveal beach-ready, beautiful skin.