There has been an uptick in Black folks who have been aggressively questioned or detained while trying to conduct business at banks. From director Ryan Coogler, who was accused of being a bank robber to others, such as Almond Brewer when he tried to deposit a check at a local bank in Arizona. It seems as though these situations have been extremely frequent as of lately.

Recently, a popular TikToker, Baby Storme, an alternative singer with 1 million TikTok followers, recently alleged that she was racially profiled at a Citibank in LA, Insider reports. She posted a video last week claiming that she went into a local Citibank to cash a $30,000 check her father had given her to pay her next year's rent. When she tried to make the deposit, her check was confiscated by bank employees and police were called to the scene.

In a video that has garnered over 30 million views, Baby Storme is overcome with emotion as she recalls the ordeal.


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"To think that I can't pay my rent right now, because of f**king racist ass bitches who work at f**king Citibank?” she asked. "Guess who's suing Citibank?" Baby Storme posted two more videos which she said were filmed inside the bank.

In one video with 6.7 million views, she can be seen arguing with two people. 

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After a man told her they were keeping her check for "further investigation," Baby Storme said, "You don't wanna cash the check, because it's a $30,000 check, and I'm Black." 

In another video, Baby Storme is seen trying to leave the bank and the same man tells her to stay until the police arrive.

In a statement obtained by Insider, Citibank said they have spoken to Baby Storme and are "working closely with her to resolve the issue in question.”

"We are taking this matter very seriously and have launched a thorough investigation into what transpired on Tuesday,” the statement read.

Baby Storme thanked everyone for their support in a TikTok and said she was taking a hiatus on social media. "I don't want this situation to overshadow who I am and what I do and it's a shame that I had to go viral for something like this," she said.