Harvard University gained an elite celebrity on Tuesday when Black excellence times three strolled on campus for freshman move-in day. Cameras were out and ready to snap flicks when Barack and Michelle Obama arrived on the Ivy-league campus to drop off 19-year-old Malia. Despite having famous (and rich!) parents, the eldest daughter of the Obamas will live in the dorms like a semi-normal young adult. Peak Black parenting for the win.

Before entering the Class of 2021, Malia took a gap year to intern at the independent film studio, The Weinstein Company, run by Harvey and Bob Weinstein. But as hard as she tries to have some semblance of a “normal” life, she will always be the Obamas daughter, which means strangers and reporters documenting her every move.

Page Six reports that a few people who were on campus when Malia arrived snapped photos and videos of the former First Family. Privacy is out the door when you’re the daughter of two of the most famous Black people in history. “My cousin goes to Harvard & he saw @BarackObama & on move-in day! ,” wrote one tweeter who also attached a couple of photos.

Reportedly, another Twitter user with the handle “Robin Daggers” posted a photo of Malia with the caption, “My brother & Malia are about to be besties… as my dad stalks her.”

Excited fans of the Obamas weren’t the only ones lurking. Boston Globe reporter Steve Annear introduced himself. Malia being the pro she is at dealing with the press, promptly told him, “No comment.” But she did shake his hand. Again, Black parenting for the win.

Perhaps it’s just the newness of her presence on campus that led to the release of non-consensual photos and Snaps. For her sake we hope at some point she’s able to blend in with the other 2,037 applicants accepted in the freshman class. After all, she didn’t choose the celebrity life — the celebrity life chose her.

If there is any consolation in knowing Malia will likely always be under the watchful eye of the world, it’s that at 19 she seems to have mastered something celebrities 30 years her senior still haven’t figured out: the art of saying “No comment.” Mama and daddy taught her well.