Former President Barack Obama is pitching in to help Democrats in the midterm election this November with a PSA responding to common attitudes apathetic voters have towards the electoral process.

In the video produced by media company ATTN: known for their “smart” take on entertainment, Obama responds to excuses for not voting like the ever present, “I don’t care about politics.”

“Look I don’t care about Pokemon, but it doesn’t mean it won’t keep coming back,” Obama said. “That’s what people in power are betting on. That you’ll check out, that you won’t vote. And when you opt out that’s what essentially allows other people to fill that void.”

“It allows them to do nothing that you would like to see government do, so if you really want to throw a wrench in their plans, throw them out. Vote in somebody better.”

In the four minute video, Obama read numerous common excuses including, “Why bother voting when I can’t relate to the candidates?”

“For way to long politicians haven’t been representative of America as a whole, but that’s changing this year, more women are running for office than ever before, more LGBT candidates, first time candidates, young veterans of Iraq, and Afghanistan,” Obama answered.

“So this year more than any other year you have the chance to change the face of politics that looks more like your own.”

In a humorous more personal tone Obama expressed to those who feel they can’t relate to politicians that they now have the chance to “vote for people who know what the internet is.”

“A vote in this November’s election actually does matter, it could elect people who make our criminal justice system fair, and your student loans easier to afford,” he said.

“By the way you wouldn’t let your grandparents pick your playlist, why would you let them pick your representative that’s going to determine your future?”