A new study finds that Black barbershops are more than just a place for a haircut and popular culture conversations but can also help to lower the blood pressure of their clients.

According to CBS New York, the study contained a sample size of more than 300 African-American men throughout 52 Los Angeles barbershops. The men in the study would have their blood pressure checked and then treated by a pharmacist in the shop if needed. After six months the results found a significant drop in systolic pressure of the participants.

One shop owner Eric Muhammad took place in the study after many of his clients faced the risks of hypertension. According to Dr. Ronald Victor of Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai this measure is extremely helpful in prevention of strokes and heart attacks. He reveals that Black men have the highest high blood pressure related death rate of any group in America. There is a convenience associated with the local barbershop which is a cultural edifice of Black men being the one stop shop to get your blood pressure not only checked but treated.

Muhammad has permanately found a place in his barbershop for the blood pressure machine and has said,“If we could just save one life I think it’s a win.”