A video of Atlanta Braves’ Ozzie Albies and Ronald Acuna Jr. showing each other affection during the July 29 game against the LA Dodgers has gone viral. Earlier reports claimed the tender moment was a result of Acuna discovering his mom had reportedly passed away.


Acuna appears in the video getting his head rubbed while on Albies’ chest while they sit in the dugout. Although the players are best friends, the announcers are heard joking about the “head massage.” The clip began to circulate on social media with many users critiquing the “uncomfortable” embrace. The negative feedback prompted a dialogue around toxic masculinity and why some men are unable to express emotions positively and healthily.


There was no reason given to explain why the men were so close. However, earlier reports claimed Albies was comforting Acuna for the loss of his mother. A Braves spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle that was inaccurate and that the outfielder’s mom is alive and well.

Other users hailed Albies and Acuna for their ability to be vulnerable in their friendship.