As rumors abound that a very wealthy bombshell may soon drop on our favorite "sports-themed" (Ha!) reality show, you can't help but ask "Why do we care?" We can't deny the fact that we do care — Black America holds Twitter hostage whenever an episode of The Real Basketball Wives of Hip-Hop happens to air — but what exactly is it about these reality shows that so grabs our attention and holds our interest? 


You can argue that it's another form of escapism. Our lives, as adverse as they can be, usually don't involve us getting water splashed in our faces on a daily basis, so maybe we take solace in seeing that there are people out there whose lives are weirder than ours. And, from a voyeuristic standpoint, not only do (most of us) not know these women, we don't know any women who resemble them or their lifestyles, and perhaps we're just very engaged observers attempting to learn about a foreign culture.   

Either way, the subject still astounds us, and we're left to ask why do these shows captivate us so?