Log onto Instagram or Facebook and you’ll likely notice a plethora of photos with very distinct templates.

Written in either black or white letters, the phrase “#BORNandMADE ” is joined with a group of other specially selected adjectives used to describe the star of the meme. It’s quickly replacing the “Straight Outta [insert your hometown]” craze. (And we ain’t mad at that.)

Over the last week alone, nearly 100,000 mothers, wives and daughters, including celebs Sanaa Lathan, Estelle and Garcelle Beauvais, have joined the epic movement, completing a personalized declaration that creates their very own #BORNandMADE picture.

One in particular reads, “I am Lisa Price. Born in Brooklyn. Made with Love. I am Carol’s daughter.”

That’s right. This particular born/made model is the founder of the multi-million dollar beauty business and she is responsible for the individualized images flooding your timeline.

Entitled #BORNandMADE, the brand’s latest campaign has enlisted the help of I Am That Girl, an organization dedicated to women empowerment, to “encourage every girl to be who they were truly born and made to be.”

The crusade has spread like wildfire, and the moving and powerful messages have inspired many to celebrate their heritage and uniqueness unapologetically.

For Price, that’s exactly the goal. She took a break from her Hawaii vacay to chat with EBONY about the origin of the campaign, its impact and her commitment to help girls “understand and recognize their power and the right way to use it.”

EBONY: What’s the story behind the #BORNandMADE campaign?

Lisa Price: When it came to looking ahead to the next chapter of Carol’s Daughter we looked back on our roots.  On each bottle, we print “Born In Brooklyn. Made with Love” to honor our brand’s heritage as the brand was born in Brooklyn and made with love.  My motivation was all around me – my family, friends, colleagues and mentors and of course my mother, Carol. I knew we needed a campaign that could speak to each woman on a personal level. The campaign has only just begun and it is so beautiful to see people calling out things about themselves and writing in their captions that they are proud of who they are.

EBONY: How did your team identify a marketing strategy that would complement the vision?

Lisa Price: We knew we wanted to reach women on an individual basis to really make this a movement that has life.  We partnered up with I Am That Girl since we both shared the same vision for girls and women. We took it a step further by highlighting some of the chapter leaders in videos as well as ads that will start running soon. Sharing their stories added a human element that showed we all have unique upbringings and personalities that we can celebrate.

EBONY: Within a week, the campaign has already garnered more than 100,000 submissions. Did you anticipate such success?

Lisa Price: We hoped the movement would catch on, because we truly believed women would be drawn to share their stories. However, each day I see who else has posted, and it’s beyond my wildest dreams as we enter this next phase of Carol’s Daughter. Whether it’s a working mother or a celebrity in the limelight, we were all waiting to tell our story. I can’t wait to keep reading more.

EBONY: Why is it so important to encourage “every girl to be who they were truly born and made to be”?

Lisa Price: Every girl should be encouraged to relish the person who they were truly born and made to be. I’m lucky to have had wonderful parents and other family, friends and mentors around me to bring me to this very moment in my life. I want other girls and women to feel that encouragement. And if joining this movement triggers that in someone else, even in a small way, then I’m grateful for that opportunity.

EBONY: How will you keep the #BORNandMADE momentum going in the coming months?

Lisa Price: In the next few months, we will continue to roll out the campaign in a big way, highlighting influencers and I Am That Girl chapter leaders in ads and videos.  Our goal is to deepen our relationship and hopefully start a couple new chapters to continue this momentum and reach even more girls.

Learn more about the #BORNandMADE campaign, and join the movement here.