It dawned on me yesterday that Beautifully Brown is really becoming a thing.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have imagined Beautifully Brown would really speak volumes and reach the amount of young Black women the way it has in such a short time. I can see its impact on our community of Brown women, and I’m so excited about it! It’s only the very beginning of something big we're trying to create here at, but I know that every step of the way, our community will grow.

This week, I wanted to give a special thank you to every girl helping to make Beautifully Brown a space for Brown women to feel love and celebrated. I want you all to know I feel fulfilled and overwhelmed with love and support from every comment, Instagram post and Twitter mention you all contribute every day.

A Black woman owning her beauty is truly an amazing thing. You all have no idea how inspiring you are to me, and to each other. Each new picture, comment and mention represents a new Black woman who has decided to celebrate her beauty, inside and out.

Let’s continue to spread the love and encourage each other to feel beautiful in our own skin. I truly love you all, and this is a shoutout to all of you out there spreading the love and expanding our sisterhood! I know I couldn’t feature all of you, but this is just an intro to what’s to come! Starting soon, we will highlight a new #BeautifullyBrown girl on each week.