By Najja Parker

It takes skills to beat your face to perfection. Finding the best combination of colors, from the eye shadow to the blush, can be exhausting, especially when you’re searching for a shade that seemingly doesn’t exist.

Aleah Rae Dorsey understands the struggle. As a French teacher-turned-makeup artist, the back of her hand had been decorated with a rainbow of swatches, particularly of lipsticks, on many occasions to help clients achieve their ideal look.

“A lot of times, you go from counter to counter looking for the hue you envisioned, and say, ‘Oh, I wish this had more orange,’ or, ‘I wish this Chanel and NARS could get together for the perfect color.’”

The issue became so prevalent that as more folks inquired about mixing and matching, the more the wheels in the 33-year-old’s head began to turn.

She thought, “What if there was a way to create that perfect color?”

As a beauty professional, who has worked for Clinique, Bobbi Brown and Smashbox, Dorsey possessed the know-how to concoct a variety of formulas, and decided to launch a business this past April that does just that – Makeup Meltdown.

Her company, which partners with The Beauty Bus Foundation, an organization that provides beauty services to terminally ill citizens, “creates the things you wish existed.”

With her lip mixology expertise, she works with customers to help make building the right shade “an enjoyable and unforgettable experience” for all.

Not only can you receive your very own consultation, Makeup Meltdown also offers in-home appointments, a range of parties for all of your friends to revel in the magic (D.C. area only) and a ready-to-wear line available at any time.

“Beauty is looking like yourself on your most favorite day. That day when you’re like, ‘Ooh! I look good today,’ that’s what I want to achieve,” she says.

Curious about how it all works? Learn how you can produce the perfect lipstick color with Makeup Meltdown in just five steps.

Step 1: Visit the website to sign up for a consultation.

“The site is easy to navigate. You can find all of the servicing, prices and events there, too”

Step 2: Complete and submit the Makeup Meltdown questionnaire.

“It asks a variety of questions, so we can get an idea of exactly what you’re looking for. It also requires you to send a photo of yourself and some inspiration pictures. The more time you take to think about your responses, the better the color will turn out.”

Step 3: Look for three sample lipsticks in the mail.

“They come in little pods and with tiny lipstick wands to help you apply it. Use the testers to determine if one if dead-on or if the formulas need to be tweaked a little bit.”

Step 4: Send your feedback.

“Email the team your choice. We’ll prepare your tube, and I ship your color. Done!”

Step 5: Tell your friends.

“When people hear it, they love the idea. I’ve already had orders for refills of products I created just months ago. I keep all of the mixtures on file, so I can have fresh tubes in stock.”

Visit the website, and follow Makeup Meltdown on Instagram and Twitter.