Are you constantly pairing different moisturizers to create your own hair concoction? Is your medicine cabinet stocked with empty bottles waiting for your next shea butter-infused potion? If you feel like you’re transforming into a bartender as you mix and match to your heart (and hair’s) content, you’re a part of the popular cocktailing trend.

The process involves combining a variety of natural oils with store-bought products to make a special blend specifically for your hair needs. Vloggers and stylists have been sharing a variety of recipes across the Interwebs for quite some time, and beauty corporations are clearly taking notice.

New products that allow consumers to mix and match cocktails with an assortment of pre-selected ingredients are emerging. It is no longer necessary to stock up on the latest goodies and research the perfect combos. So take a break from “bartending” and check out these three DIY hair lines.


About the Product: ORS has introduced three different Hair Conditioning Cocktails that target common hair problems including excessive dryness, dull hair and scalp issues. Packaged in an adorable, yogurt-like cup, one side of it contains a shea butter-based conditioner and the other is filled with natural oils.

“We’re so excited to be on the forefront of the do-it-yourself cocktailing movement,” says Shawn K. Tollerson, Chief Marketing Officer for Namaste Laboratories, the makers of ORS. “Our new Shealicious brand provides the benefits of cocktailing with an option that is less time-consuming and more cost effective.”

How It Works: “Pour it. Mix it. Fix it.” After you purchase your cocktail from select stores, remove the label and combine the oil with the conditioner. Stir with a comb until it is well blended. Then, apply it thoroughly throughout shampooed hair, and rinse after 5-10 minutes. Voilà! You’ll have luscious locks instantly.

Where to Buy: CVS Pharmacy, Ulta, Walmart



About the Company: Founded by husband and wife duo Tim and Kim Lewis, the two joined the natural hair community five years ago when Tim cut off Lisa’s hair for her first big chop. They then began concocting their own moisturizers until they eventually grew tired of the exhausting process. Thus, Curl Mix was formed, which launched earlier this month.

”It almost seemed like a no brainer, I couldn’t believe this product wasn’t already on the market” says CEO Kim Lewis. “This is just the beginning. So many women want to be DIYers but don’t have the time, and others have the time but no direction. This product is perfect for both.”

How It Works: When you sign up for the company’s list, you will be able to order the $29.99 monthly CurlMix subscription. Naturalistas will be mailed a new DIY package that’ll include 5-7 ingredients, a link to a demonstration video starring the brand’s designated Vlogger of the Month (Maeling Murphy is representing for September), a letter from the VOTM and two jars for storing and sharing.

Where to Buy:


LOLI Organics

About the Company: Living. Organic. Loving. Ingredients. Those four words make up this company’s acronym. Providing harvested, garden-to-beauty materials that are grown organically and often USDA approved or EcoCert certified, the brand offers DIY kits not only for your hair, but also for you skin and bath and body. Additionally, one dollar is donated to help stop sex trafficking with every purchase.

“Our dream is for LOLI to be your recipe for beauty. Un-bottled,” says creator Tina Hedges. “And along the journey we hope you find beauty in happiness – what we define as your Beauty Happiness Index (BHI) – while you make valuable connections with other like-minded beauties.”

How It Works: Patrons can choose from two different subscriptions – a one-time only beauty parcel or a 3-month pre-paid one. A bundle will be delivered to your doorstep, and inside, you will find items, such as a wooden spoon and oils, needed to produced your customized recipe.

Where to Buy: LOLI