Hair removal. We love and hate it at the same damn time. But one thing we hate more is unruly body hair. Lately, there seems to be an unlimited number of ways to take us from stubby to smooth. While some may opt for the permanent hair removal of laser treatments, not everyone wants to sit through the pain of lasers zapping away at their skin. Another painful method is waxing. The sounds and discomfort of paper ripping from your skin is enough to drive you up a wall. Then there’s the less painful, more frequent approach: shaving. With the help of shaving cream and a good moisturizer, you’ll be set to go in the comfort of your own bathroom.

If your hair removal involves the later two options, you don’t always have to seek a professional to get the job done. With the right tools and products, you could make the hair disappear just as good as s/he. Above, we’ve featured seven products that would take care of things in a number of different ways. If you’re suffering from ingrown hairs after each wax, we’ve got something to eliminate and prevent them. If you want to eliminate the pain of bikini waxes, we have a preparation kit. And if you just want to get things done fast and simple, we’ve got something that would wipe you clean as you shower. It’s time you make your at-home hair removal painless, careful and easy.

—DaMonica Boone