’Tis the season for rough feet! During such times, we often find ourselves curled up in bed under five blankets watching Netflix, not out and about worrying about our unkempt toes. But now, there’s no excuse to have raggedy feet. Follow the rules below. 

1. Fill your foot bath with water and turn it on to allow it to heat. We suggest the Conair Foot Bath with Vibration and Heat. If you do not own a foot bath (even though we highly suggest you get one), a large bucket or bowl with steaming hot water will suffice.

2. Find a foot treatment set, and apply its first serum to soften the skin. (Try Clarisonic’s Pedi-Boost if you don’t know what to purchase.) Then place feet into the water.

3. Allow feet to soak in vibrating hot water for at least 20 minutes.

4. Apply an exfoliate, such as Clarisonic’s Pedi-Buff—a great blend of aloe vera, lactic acid and apricot seed—on the soles of feet and toes.

5. Using a pumice stone or more advanced tool like the Clarisonic pedi device and attend to the calluses, getting rid of as much as you can. 

6. Place feet back into the water to rinse. Then, dry with a towel.

7. Apply a foot balm, like the Clarisonic Pedi-Balm (a non-greasy mix of apricot oil, honey and shea butter) to hydrate, moisturize and soften the feet.

8. Clip nails if needed. Then file, shape and buff as desired.

9. Polish nails using a base coat, two coats of your color of choice and a topcoat.

10. Allow nails to dry for at least 20 minutes. Be aware that it could take a full two hours to completely dry, so give yourself some time. Relax and smile in awe of pampered toes. 

—DaMonica Boone