One of our biggest struggles as women is something that could be oh-so simple, but it isn’t. Obtaining thick, natural-looking fine eyebrows without looking like Drake can be a tough one. The fear of lush brows gone wrong has led us down a path of tiny, skinny brows that look painted and penciled on by an amateur. Uneven, too dark, disproportionate… a bad brow can come in many forms.

Luckily for us, make-up artist Amber Amos decided to share a few tips on how to obtain that brow that every woman dreams to achieve. Take a look at her steps and tips below.

1. First brush your brows upward, then do any necessary cleaning and grooming.

2. To ease the pain of tweezing, use a warm washcloth or a hot shower to open your pores prior to tweezing. Remember, your brows shouldn’t go past the corner of your inner eye, nor should they end past where your eye ends on the opposite side.

3. Also keep in mind that your arch is to be parallel to the iris of your eye. It’s perfectly fine to mark these three points with your brow pencil until you get the hang of it.

4. Tweezerman is always a good go-to for getting that perfect full brow. Sharp and available in varying shapes (i.e., pointed or slanted), the tweezers guarantee precision in getting even the most stubborn of short hairs. Pointed tweezers are ideal for shorter, finer hairs and ingrown hairs. But proceed with caution, for these can be super sharp. Slanted pretty much covers all your tweezing needs. If your brow hairs grow long, a good pair of small scissors is essential as well.

5. Once you have the shape figured out, brush your brows up. (This gives a clear view of how your arch is naturally shaped.)

6. When it comes to filling, use short feather-like strokes. The goal is to mimic hair, not fill it in like a coloring book.

7. Some like to clean around the brows with concealer. I prefer to use the same brow brush I use to brush them up. To clean up the area, simply go over the outline of your brows with the brush; it practically erases any excess or imprecise pencil from the area. If you have more to hide (like spare hairs and stubble) or just prefer a more standout brow, by all means conceal away.

8. If you have naturally full brows, once tamed, I’d suggest a brow gel to give a more tamed look: colored for those who may have a few sparse areas that need a bit of attention, and clear for those who simply want to tidy things up.

See more of Amber “Ber” Amos work at and Instagram @JsuisAmber.