If you’ve been using your beauty blender dry during your makeup routine, the brand is politely reminding you to stop. Whether you find a stiffer sponge easier to maneuver into tight spaces on your face, or if you’re just too lazy to add water into the equation, you could be seriously doing yourself a disservice. According to the beauty brand, wetting the sponge before an application will save you big time. All of your expensive foundation and concealers will no longer seep into the sponge.

The beauty blender was specifically designed to work more efficiently while damp. “One of the reasons we always say you need to wet your blender is because water causes the sponge to swell. It ensures your makeup won’t be absorbed…which results in less makeup waste,” said the brand in a caption on Instagram.

The brand demonstrated this statement by cutting open four different beauty blenders to show that the inside of the sponge was as good as new no matter how much product was on the outside. Because the blender is meant to be kept wet it also makes it important to be aware of how you clean and dry the sponge or else it can become susceptible to mold. Washing it before every use and letting it dry in a cool area will do the trick.