Expressionist we are! Eyebrows shape the face and are vital in terms of communication. Eyebrows are a definite compliment to the face and should never be neglected. Try our top picks for filling in your eyebrows to enhance your natural beauty.

It Cosmetics Brow Power (, $24): A brow pencil that promotes healthy hair growth is a must-have for those over-plucked mishaps. Keep this brow pencil in your makeup bag even after changing your hair color with the technology to adjust to any hair color.

Tip: Try Brow Power Lift to not only highlight the arch but also get an illuminating, instant brow lift.

Anastasia Brow Wiz (, $20): This product offers a smear-proof formula that will create a long-lasting natural brow. Brow Wiz hydrates, soothes and softens skin with plant oils after each application.

Tip: Use the attached spooly to blend any harsh lines and comb through stubborn brows.

Milani Brow Kit Fix (, $6.99): Perfect eyebrows await you with this all-in-one brow kit. This brow kit offers all the essentials needed to create natural looking arches with two shades of powder for a gradual transition and a highlight powder for the brow bone.

Tip: Putting a hot wash cloth to your eyebrow will open pores and make it easier to keep your eyebrows clean in between visits to the salon by tweezing spare hairs.

Rimmel London Professional Brow Pencil (, $3.33): Looking for an affordable brow pencil that lasts all day? This brow pencil is a perfect match with great smooth application and an attached brush on the lid.

Tip: Sharpen your pencil regularly to get rid of any bacteria prior to filling in brows.

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow Pencil (mass retailers, $7.99): Tame your unruly brows with this unique wax pencil that will help lay your brows down while filling them in. This pencil offers a variety of shades for any hair color.

Tip: Set your brows with a clear gel like Maybelline’s Great Lash to set your brows.

-Mariah Reed