Rethink color-blocking. The art of stylishly highlighting two or three separate colors within one aesthetic can be applied to home décor, hair and makeup. It’s not just for the bold, either. Minimalists, girly girls and those that adore natural looks can find colors to fit their styles. Indulge in these top tips to making a color duo work for your face.

Our go-to celebrity muse is none other than Nicki Minaj. She’s perfected the art of color-blocking your makeup. The raptress typically uses bold colors and is known for combining green eyes and hot pink lips. With her use of such loud hues, matte shades keep the look from getting wacky. You’ll want to stay away from super shimmery shadows that take away from your contrast.

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge with neon shades, combine soft lilac eyes with soft, muted pink lips. This uber-feminine combo works with most skin tones and brings sexy, demure appeal to chocolate skin.

Evenings need a little more sizzle. A look that’s particularly popular is a smoky sapphire blue eye with a glossy coral lip. Keep your cheeks peachy and bronzed and coat lashes with black mascara.

Try these easy tips for 5-minute color-blocking:

1. Over a primarily nude face, pair indigo blue eyeliner with brick red lips.

2. Vamp meets goth with chili pepper red eyes and deep eggplant lips.

3. Go full blown fantasy by painting half of both of your lids periwinkle and the other half bright fuchsia. Keep the lips nude.