Sometimes we don't realize how serious of a relationship we have with our makeup and we find it hard to part with our beauty favorites. But holding on to makeup for too long can be unhealthy, especially for our skin. Here, we’ve listed a simple and basic makeup shelf life guideline for you beauty girls to follow so you won't find yourself using expired products. 


For most people, lipsticks are usually the hardest to part with. Makeup expert Julianne Kaye tells us, "The jury is out on this one. I'd say between two to four years depending on the formula. If it smells weird and or looks yucky, it's time to get rid of it!"

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Mascara is a makeup girl's best friend. It's been there through everything, helping every lash reach its voluminous potential. While we might like to hold on to our favorite tube for as long as we can, it's suggested that we keep out mascara for a minimum amount of time to avoid any bacteria. Celeb makeup artist Leiloni Cooper says, "Mascara should be replaced every two months. I always suggest investing in an economical product, ranging from about $5- $15."

Tip: "You can preserve your mascara longer by not pumping air into the tube with the wand. Do the swirl," says Julianne Kaye.

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Our makeup bag isn't complete without foundation. It's one of the most crucial parts in one's routine. The good news is, foundation has some longevity, and there are usually ways to get the most out of it. "Your foundation can last for about a year. Hopefully you can get through it within that time, but if it seems to need a little freshening up, add some alcohol-free toner to the mix," says Kaye.

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Makeup Brushes:

Last but not least come our makeup brushes. With most high-quality brushes, we might not have to discard them nearly as fast as we do with other products. Celebrity makeup artist and educator Tatiana Ward advises, "Washing brushes is best and easy. For a thorough wash, use baby shampoo. If you find the brush just won't get clean, dip it in some olive oil to break down the product, then rinse with water and re-wash. Be sure not to wet your wooden handles though; water can damage them over time."

Tip: "After washing brushes, it's important to lay them flat. Otherwise the water seeps into the ferrule and loosens the glue, then the hairs begin to fall out."

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Ashley Okwuosa