We caught up with a few of our favorite models, Jasmine Tookes, Jourdan Dunn, Sharam Diniz and Joan Smalls backstage at the hottest ticket in town—the 17th annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! They dished about getting runway ready, beauty secrets they’ve learned along the way and what they actually think about as they strut down the runway. Editor’s Note: Make sure to tune in to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airing live tonight, Tuesday December 4th at 10pm EST on CBS.

EBONY: What’s the best beauty trick you have learned?

Jasmine Tookes: Contouring makes a huge difference in your bone structure! I don’t do it every day, because when I’m not working, I like to keep my skin fresh. Before I go to bed at night, I ice my face, because it closes your pores and makes a difference in the morning.

Jourdan Dunn: To make my lashes look longer and thicker, place a [business] card behind your lashes when you are applying mascara.

EBONY: How do you remind yourself to look sexy on the runway?

JD: It’s all about the confidence—you have to be “that” girl and own the runway. You have to trick yourself into believing that you are the hottest thing…if not, it will show [on camera].

Sharam Diniz: I think about how Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks used to walk. Because they are both Black, I use them as inspiration to remind myself that I am a VS supermodel now!

EBONY: What do you do pre-show to get ready to strut your stuff?

SD: I do weights and cardio. I used to have a personal trainer, but now I feel comfortable enough to do it on my own.

JT: I drink tons of water, because with the entire running around you can get dehydrated. To get my body ready, I do a P90X workout. It’s great for your abs and legs.

EBONY: How do you keep your lovely locks in tip-top shape?

JT: After doing all the shows, my hair can get a little fried. I don’t have a specific favorite product, but I deep condition my hair regularly. When I can, I’ll avoid heat styling and wear my hair in a bun.

JD: I like to use an at-home hot oil treatment. I just heat up some vitamin E oil, put on a shower cap for 15 minutes, then wash/condition as normal. — JH

Janell Hickman is the Associate Beauty & Grooming Editor for EBONY magazine. Follow her on Twitter @jmargaretbeauty.