Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder? We think so! We caught up with Jodie Patterson, owner of Georgia by Jodie Patterson and Creative Director of the web series Girl Crush to dish on her thoughts on the business, family friendly beauty products and shifting our ideas on traditional beauty. One can’t help but feel inspired after this feel-good interview.

EBONY: Who is your current “girl crush”?

Jodie Patterson: I’d probably have to say Bethann Hardison, Adele and Kerry Washington. They’re easy in their bodies and have an inner confidence that is contagious. On some level I want to be them, so I take inspiration from each of them. With Bethann, whom I know, I grab her “grown woman bravado.” With Adele, I’m inspired by her timelessness—she doesn’t seem too attached to pop culture. And with Kerry, I love how she makes being “smart” look so damn fashionable.

EBONY: How would you describe your web series to those who aren’t familiar?

Jodie Patterson: Girl Crush is a web series focused on beauty that I produced. It’s been wildly popular so far—we had something like 21,000 hits when it first came out. GC is about the activity of being beautiful from the inside and out, truly celebrating the women who nailed it. There’s such a global obsession on how women look, and it’s minimized the notion of “beauty” to the length of one’s eyelashes. That’s absurd! More attention is placed on how a woman looks than on what she’s thinking and feeling. I sat with some of my most stunning, interesting and opinionated friends from NYC’s downtown scene and probed them on their process of self-discovery.

EBONY: Tell us about your own product line.

JP: Georgia by Jodie Patterson is a line of luxury beauty products, so pure that it works for one-month-olds to 100-year-olds. Our simple ingredients are chosen specifically for your hair, body and soul. We blend essential oils, plant extracts, food and century-old philosophies to remedy common dilemmas of the modern women and her family. We unearth, near and far, the best, most essential elements of beauty, then literally bottle them up just for you. With each Georgia product, you will experience natural, healing and awakening beauty.

EBONY: How does being a mother of four affect your beauty routine?

JP: I keep my beauty routine quick, rewarding and very efficient. I’ve gotten my bathroom time down to about 10 minutes. I choose really healthy products that can be used in multiple ways that yield immediate results. For example, my Georgia by Jodie Patterson Luxury Skin Wash ($27) doubles as a shampoo and face wash. Almost everything in my bathroom is made from natural ingredients, so I’m never spending time reading labels and worried about mixing brands and/or chemicals. That alone saves me precious time.

EBONY: How has the transition of Georgia NY from brick-and-mortar to digital been?

JP: I’m having a blast with my beauty company. After closing our retail store in NYC, I mourned for about a day and then started having fun! Without the ominous weight of rent, I’m exploring areas that I didn’t have time to focus on before. We’ve repackaged and expanded our beauty line, and are now focused on national wholesale along with web sales. I’ve also been approached to partner on a few beauty-related technology projects. Which is funny because I consider myself tech-challenged. It pushes my comfort zones and that’s cool. I feel charged; it’s a great time for me.

Janell M. Hickman is the Associate Beauty & Grooming Editor for EBONY magazine. Follow her on Twitter @jmargaretbeauty.