Mary Jane Paul is back, and her life is still full of drama. Season three brought some serious challenges into Mary Jane’s jam-packed world. Her brother started using drugs again, her mother’s ill, her best friend killed herself, and her little cousin can’t seem to get her life together. Once again, everyone is relying on Mary Jane to step up, but she’s ready to do her own thing on her own terms for once.

Season four of BET’s hit show returns to the airwaves tonight, and it promises to be GOOD. In the first episode of the season, aptly titled “Getting Nekkid,” MJ embarks on her new position as an anchor of “Great Day USA” while also having an interesting encounter with a mystery man. But just when things start working in her favor, Mary Jane is once again thrown for a loop.

In this clip from the season four premiere, Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) is taken to lunch by a producer from the show and made to believe she is being vetted to take over senior anchor Ronda Sales’ (Valarie Pettiford) job on “Great Day USA.” However, Ronda learns of the meeting, pulls Mary into her office and lays down what is actually happening… the show is pitting against each other because there can’t be two female powerhouses on “Great Day USA.”

Being Mary Jane airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on BET.