Je’Niece McCallough, the daughter of one of the Original Kings of Comedy, Bernie Mac, has thoughts on who she’d want to play her father in an upcoming biopic. John Legend’s Get Lifted production company is working with the estate of the family to tell his life, and according to TMZ, Je’Niece has two names in mind to play her father.

“We just partnered with Bernie Mac’s estate to cover [his] story,” Mike Jackson, who is Legend’s producing partner, revealed during a panel discussion at the 2021 Tribeca Festival. The info, according to The Hollywood Reporter, was “something that John doesn’t know about yet,” but all sources are “very excited about” the deal, which “just happened today.”

Je’Niece shared that Aldis Hodge—known for his roles on Leverage and in Hidden Figures—is a “great actor with a similar complexion to Bernie.” Hodge also has serious chops when it comes to playing people straight from IRL. In Straight Outta Compton, he played MC Ren, and more recently, as NFL legend Jim Brown, Hodge excelled in the role for Regina King’s One Night in Miami.

Je’Niece believes he is the perfect A-lister to play her dad as an adult.

Her “out-of-the-box” option is one that is of familiarity to fans of Instagram and TikTok— comedian Mark Phillips. A prominent contributor to the RDCworld1 YouTube channel, Phillips is known for impersonating LeBron James and for recreating some of his favorite album covers with his graduation pictures, including Drake’s Nothing Was the Same and Kendrick Lamar’s Damn.

The as-yet-to-be revealed biopic has yet to confirm any other details. But will John Legend and Get Lifted want to follow the family’s wishes?

We shall see.