Dance music has the power to make us feel joyous and alive once it gets our toes tapping and our bodies grooving to the beat. From upbeat songs to classic R&B grooves, dance music is an escape from reality that allows us to express ourselves through movement and rhythm. It's no wonder why we love it so much!

If there are any people who know how dance music can transport you to another world, it's the cast members of Bob Fosse's Dancin, currently playing in New York City. EBONY asked these talented dance stars what albums always get them jazzed and energized. The next time you're feeling down or stressed out, check out their great dance album suggestions, from Usher and Prince to Broadway great Josh Henry, and get ready to turn up the volume!

"Renaissance" - 2022
"I can press play from "I’m That Girl" and dance the whole 1 hour and 7 minutes. This album is fun and upbeat and just brings me so much joy when listening to it. I can’t help but move, in fact I’m going to press play right now!" - Krystal Mackie

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"Confessions" - 2004
I was beyond obsessed with this album and the music videos that accompanied it! I think this had the greatest impact on the fantasy of the type of performer I wanted to be, I almost idolized him. If you put this on right now, I could probably do the music video choreography for all of the singles, my favorites being “Caught Up” and “Bad Girl." - Yeman Brown

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Michael Jackson
“Off The Wall” - 1979
"There’s no denying that Michael Jackson is one of the greatest of all time or the profound influence he has had on so many performing artists over the last five decades. While there are so many of his albums that I can (and do) listen to on repeat, I have always gravitated towards 'Off The Wall' because of the smooth and soulful grooves that are consistent through every song." - Jovan Dansberry

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"Purple Rain" - 1984
"Few people are at the icon level that was Prince. Everything he touched was gold! It’s hard to just pick one favorite album of his because they are all genius, but this one is major!" - Khori Petinaud

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"Bubba" -2019
"This album, along with all of Kaytranada’s music, makes my neck sore from bopping nonstop. It’s all of my favorite styles of music: house, R&B, pop, funk, jazz, a little pop and so much more all mixed into a boiling pot of sound. It’s like medicine to my ears and soul." - Gabriel Hyman

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Joshua Henry
"Guarantee" -2021
"Josh Henry's album is on my warmup playlist. It never fails to get my energy up and make me feel powerful." - Afra Hines

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