For better or for worse, we’ve taken to seeing our Rolodex as a stand-in for Google when the occasion calls for it. Why delve into the abyss of listicles that comprises the Internet when you could shoot an e-mail off to a friend (or in our case, Cov-alum) and be presented with the virtual gift of a thoughtful, consolidated remedy to everything from your latest at-home DIY attempt to achieving the perfect messy braid?

More specifically, who better to guide you through Brooklyn than longtime native (and newly christened editor) Rachael Wang? And when it comes to explaining the finer points of Cara Delevingne’s notorious eyebrows, literally no one knows better than makeup artist Wendy Rowe, who deals with them first hand, on the regs. Ditto Francesca Tolot as pertaining to Beyonce’s many On The Run trailer looks. These people just know, you guys. So when it came to sourcing out the best new beauty products for (oft-neglected) black skin, we went straight to Jacqueline Laurean Yates,  Associate Beauty and Grooming Editor of EBONY.

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