Get to the point! That’s the name of the game when it comes to creating the perfect line to accentuate our beautiful eyes. But some of us have felt excluded from the “I get my eyeliner right all the time” club our entire lives. Gel pots seem to be the go-to “it” cosmetic for drawing on that perfectly defined eye, and yet more and more women seem to be afraid of it! Here, I’ve tested five amazing gel liners, suitable for both beginners and the advanced makeup-obsessed. No longer shall you fear the gel liner!

MAC Fluidline Gel Liner, ($15;

This ultra-smooth liner is a bit thinner than the rest tested, but by no means serves a lesser service. MAC’s Fluidline goes on with an easy glide, but may not be for the “beginner” to start their perfectly lined practice with. Be careful of the fact that it’s very smooth, as this will allow shaky hands to make easier mistakes. Apply more for smoky, heavily defined eyes, and less for a daytime, updated look. The biggest pro is that once applied, Fluidline seems to dry instantly, proving to be super smudge proof.

Tip: Invest in MAC’s 209 Eyeliner Brush for application.

L’Oréal 24-Hour Infallible Gel Liner, ($9;

Creamy and rich in pigment, my every day makeup routine is never complete without this liner. Great for the beginner to the advanced, and equipped with a complimentary eyeliner brush, L’Oréal’s Infallible Gel liner is extremely easy to apply. Be mindful to let set for about 30 seconds after application to avoid smudges. It’s very rare throughout the day that I have to reapply my liner, so I’d say that this liner would last you 24 hours!

Tip: Use the brush included with the gel pot. It makes it very easy to apply, and is small enough to carry around in your makeup pouch.

Sephora Waterproof Cream Liner, ($12;

Apply a stroke of Sephora’s Waterproof cream liner for a dazzling night out on the town. Packed with rich pigmentation and a touch of sparkle, this is just perfect to add a little glitz around your eyes. The product is waterproof, which means you may have to use a stronger oil-based remover when taking off your makeup. Be mindful that with every waterproof product comes the need to apply more accurately. It’s fast-drying formula means you have less time to touch up mistakes during your makeup routine.

Tip: Keep a Q-tip and a cap full of oil-based makeup remover, like the Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil, handy in case you have any subtle mess-ups during application.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Gel Linera, ($22;

This long-lasting eyeliner is very pigmented and easy to maneuver. The product lasted me about 12 hours, a good day’s worth of wearing. I’d recommend this liner for beginners, mainly because it’s thick enough to apply with amateur hands, but allots enough time before drying to clean up any mistakes. Be very careful to keep the top on the pot closed very tightly, as this gel could dry out faster than expected.

Tip: Use a cream-based primer (instead of a serum-based) on the eyes before application, to avoid any possible flaking.

Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner, ($22;

Perfect your cat eye with this smooth gel liner! A new hit for the Smashbox brand, this liner really does “jet set” in no time and is perfect for the advanced makeup girl on the go looking to add sultry definition before stepping out on the town. I’d say keep this around, or stock up, for spring and summer, as I can tell this cream liner will do you superb justice on the muggiest of days. Plus, out of all of the products tested, this gel liner comes in the best array of shades.

Tip: This is the go-to product to use on waterlines. My eyes are extremely sensitive, and this product didn’t burn or cause extra watering.

Shu Uemura Painting Liner, ($25;

This painting liner creates the most precise and to-the-point look possible. The perfect blend of creamy and rich textures makes it easy to continuously draw lines without flakes. I’d recommend anyone to try, but don’t expect an array of colors, as this product comes in only three basic shades: black, brown and violet.

Tip: Although offered in basic shades, they are very “blendable,” and do well with creating your own custom-colored look.

-Melanie Yvette Martin