There is an understated art to the curation of music playlists. Thankfully, music streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music understand the importance of a well designed playlist to set the tone for any and all occasions.

Below is a curated selection of several playlists that serve different vibes.

Mood Ring (Spotify)

Image: courtesy of Spotify

Having the right playlist to turn up with friends is essential to a good time. This one is guaranteed to hype you and your gang up before a night out out on the town.

The Millennial Mixtape (YouTube Music)

Image: courtesy of YouTube Music

Songs from artists like Usher and Nelly helped to define the millennial generation. Step into one of the greatest throwback eras in music history with this playlist.

Ginger Me (Spotify)

Image: courtesy of Spotify

This playlist captures the wonder and essence of West African artists who are setting the pace and impacting culture.

Motive: UK Rap (YouTube UK Music)

Image: courtesy of YouTube Music.

In case you were behind the curve, this playlist can catch you up on all the dope artists with killer beats, rhymes and word play who are coming out of the U.K.

Sweet Soul Chillout (Spotify)

Image: courtesy of Spotify

Whether relaxing on a Sunday or reminiscing on old times with bae, this playlist adds a bit of soulful sweetness to your listening rotation.