It's time to say goodbye to 2022, and usher in 2023. This year, like many, we're all about traveling the world more and knocking out some of those things on our bucket lists. Before you start planning your adventures, we wanted to put you on to the best places to travel each month in the new year.

For this list, we took into consideration things like weather, events happening in the destinations, as well as if certain times of the year are considered high or low season. All of these things matter as they can affect how expensive—or inexpensive—your vacation will be. And, well, we're all for saving money when and where we can.

If you're ready to add some new stamps to your passport or simply take advantage of your PTO more in 2023, here are the best places to travel each month.

January: Aspen

Aspen, Colorado takes over our social media feeds just after Christmas as our favorite celebrities and super influencers head to the snowy, mountainous destination. In general, Aspen is a more expensive town, mostly because of the ease for private jets to fly in as well as the option for privacy in the many luxury villas tucked away in the hills. If you don't mind splurging a bit, January is the perfect time to visit. Many of the area's hotels have recently been renovated or, like your faves, you can choose to rent a private villa.

While there, consider taking a snowmobile tour, going snowshoeing, riding the scenic lift, or, if you really want to live like a local, grab your skis or snowboard and spend your days shredding the perfectly powdered snow. In your downtime, check out the luxury retailers including Dior and Louis Vuitton in the downtown corridor. And, in the evenings, book a reservation at one of the many fine dining restaurants in the same area.

February: Aruba

Ditch winter for a few days with an island escape to Aruba. Not only can you thaw out on the island's white sand beaches, but you can also get a deeper look into local culture. The 'one happy island's' carnival season runs from January until February 22, so you'll be able to participate in the festivities as well as watch the parades during your visit.

Outside of carnival, you'll want to head to the San Nicolas neighborhood, which is the hub for the island's Black and brown businesses and culture. Carve out time to see the more than 100 murals painted on the walls in the area. Of course, no trip to Aruba is complete without visiting Arikok National Park, seeing the flamingos on Renaissance or DePalm Islands, as well as taking a sunset booze cruise.

Street band playing in Aruba, one of the best places to travel in 2023
Street band playing at night in New Orleans. Image: Morgan Petroski/ Pexels

March: New Orleans

Yes, we know this is after Mardi Gras season, but that's why March is the perfect time to visit. You would have escaped the crowds and possible higher costs of hotels and activities. By going during this time, you can truly explore the Big Easy in all its natural splendor. For those who enjoy dabbling in a bit of luxury, check out the Four Seasons New Orleans. The property is absolutely stunning, and the cocktail bar has one of the most gorgeous chandeliers you will ever see—hence why it's called the Chandelier Bar.

Beyond the hotels, make your way to the historical Treme neighborhood, which is full of Black history and culture. And, you'll also want to stop by the iconic Dooky Chase Restaurant as well as The Munch Factory in the Lower Garden district— which is a "not so secret" favorite of Jay-Z and Beyoncé when they visit New Orleans.

April: Costa Rica

Costa Rica is easily one of the best places to travel to in April for the weather alone. You will be at the tail end of the dry season, but also missing the crowds that flock there in March. The "Pura Vida" way is all about relaxation, connecting with nature, and not having a care in the world— so you should aim to do just that.

Spend your days chasing waterfalls (literally) or if you have time, take a few days to take in Limón. The town is where you'll find the largest concentration of Afro Costa Ricans, and they absolutely love sharing their rich culture and heritage with visitors—especially those from the diaspora.

May: Paris

To really enjoy Paris at its best, you'll want to go when temps are mild and the flowers are in bloom. May is an excellent month to visit, because the city is in the full swing of spring without being overly warm. You can spend your mornings lazying around on the sidewalks of the neighborhood café with a fresh croissant in hand.

If you want to visit the Louvre, get there early because the lines only get longer as it gets later in the day. May is also a great time to extend your visit and head out to Champagne to hop around to the various champagne houses and wineries. Oh, and your visit didn't happen if you don't a photo of the Eiffel Tower at night.

Eiffel Tower in Paris, one of the best travel locations in 2023
Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Image: Yovan Verma/ Pexels

June: St. Kitts

Grab your swimsuit and favorite resort gear for June in St. Kitts. The highlight of the month is the annual St.Kitts music festival that features a range of global and regional musicians. Past acts include: Ashanti, Maxi Priest, Rotimi and more. There are also plenty of secondary activities hosted during that time as well. The 2023 event will be held June 22-24, 2023.

Beyond the fest, spend some time on Reggae Beach, where you can participate in water sports like jet skiing. Go zip lining in the jungle, or you can simply eat your way around the island. We suggest starting at Carambola Beach Club, which is a Black woman-owned spot that is a hip beach hangout by day, and an upscale restaurant at night.

July: Portland, Oregon

Although the last two years have seen abnormal heat waves, Portland in July is a great escape. You can food hop around the city before taking the 45-minute drive out to the Willamette Valley. If you've never heard of it, it's one of the country's best wine regions. Near the end of July, the International Pinot Noir Celebration goes down, and trust us, you will have a ball.

Just imagine, nearly 72-hours of sipping on the world's best wines and champagne while also indulging in cuisine cooked by some of the region's best chefs and bakers. The great thing about Oregon in general is that when you're tired of all the greenery, you can drive out to the coast to relax by the water.

August: Disney World (Orlando)

Yes, it will be very hot, there's really no way to escape that. But, EPCOT's International Food and Wine Festival will hopefully take your mind off of the sweltering temps. For far too long, people have written Disney off as only being a family destination, but in recent years we've seen a turn in the tide.

More adult friend groups are choosing the most magical place on earth as the spot for their annual vacations— in large part to the annual culinary event. You can literally eat and drink your way around the world, as you go from country-to-country in EPCOT, sampling global cuisine and spirits. And if you feel up to you, you can even stop to awaken your inner child by getting on one of the rides.

September- Greece

Greece in September (or October) is perfection. The Greek isles are winding down for the season, which means that you may be able to snag deals on your hotels during this time. This time of year also means great weather. You're just on the cusp of the cooler weather, so you can still frolic on the beaches of Mykonos and maybe even catch a party or two.

Outside of Mykonos, it's a great time to see Santorini, Crete and honestly any of the inhabited islands. Don't skip out on the wineries, as well as authentic dishes from local Tavernas— especially those in Athens. Some culinary favorites are tomato fritters, Greek salads, and saganaki(a staple dish made of fried cheese).

Santorini, Greece, a top place to travel in 2023
Santorini, Greece Image: Aleksander Pasaric/ Pexels

October: Kenya

It's always a great time to visit the Mother Continent, but we suggest making plans for Kenya in October. For this, you'll want at least a full week in the country, so you have time to hop around. Start in Nairobi to really get a glimpse into the East African nation's culture and history. Check out the Nairobi National Museum as well as the cultural dance show at Bomas.

After a few days in Nairobi, take the short flight to Mombasa's Diani Beach, it's Kenya's version of Zanzibar or even the Maldives. The small coastal town has some of the most gorgeous water you will ever see, and the locals are very warm and friendly. Simply kick back during the day and take it all in. You may even see a Maasai warrior strolling along the shore.

November: Saint Martin

If you're a foodie, this is for you. Saint Martin, the French side of the Antillean island, recently began hosting its gastronomy festival that takes place in November. For just over two weeks, you can not only try special curated menus from the island's best culinary talents, but there's also interactive cooking demos with international chefs, mixology competitions as well as a big BBQ event.

Like most islands, outside of the food event, you can reserve a private yacht to explore some of the area's best beaches and islands. There's a daily ferry to neighboring Anguilla as well, so turn your trip into a 2-for-1 by spending a day there. If you choose to stay on the French side, the best option is to rent a villa versus a hotel— trust us.

December: Ghana

Social media has more than proven why Ghana is one of the best places to travel next year—if not the best—in December. The West African country has always attracted folks from the diaspora, but the 2019 "Year of Return" campaign further ignited its appeal. Now, the country explodes with tourists who make their way to Accra for the many activities, music events and festivals.

There are global brand activations, partying into the early morning, as well as impactful tours to historical landmarks and attractions like Labadi Beach, Black Star Square, and the slave castles at Cape Coast. There are celebrities, community give back initiatives, and just the overall reconnection with ancestral land. Ghana in December (and early January) is simply magic.

Man holding Ghanaian flag in Ghana, one of the best places to travel in 2023
Man holding Ghanaian flag at Black Star Square. Image: Asiama Junior/ Pexels