If you let traditional media tell it, all Black women everywhere are hopelessly pulling at our hair, clamoring for a significant other to save us from singledom. Interestingly enough, the very few television shows on air right now focus on Black families and relationships, as opposed to those supposedly single women. Well, given that art often imitates life, the wife-husband television tage team that is Mara Brock and Salim Akil might be bringing that Black experience to the small screen with "Single Black Female," an hourlong project that has just received a pilot order from BET (also home to Mara Brock Akil's wildly popular series, "The Game.") The hourlong project will center on a Black, female talk show host as she balances both work and family life in Atlanta.

Mara and Salim are certainly on a role this year, what with "The Game's" new season raking in the views and Salim's directing the summer's hit comedy "Jumping the Broom." Having penned a major production pact with BET last May, the Akils have been guaranteed a series and several pilots with the network. On top of that, Mara recently wrote the script for feature film "Sparkle," starring Whitney Houston in her final role.

How motivational is this film power couple? And, who would best serve in the role for "Single Black Female?"