Natural hair is ever-evolving. The term is not merely limited to kinks, curls and waves, but blowouts, too. Take a cue from our aunts—now reformed heartbreakers, who once flaunted huge fluffy ‘fros and big, sexy hair. Occasionally they smoothed that volume down into a sleek chignon or bun, a la Solange’s latest look. The singer-songwriter sported bone straight tresses—a look she first shared online via Instagram in early April. For other naturals interested in adopting a straight alter ago, mind these tips.

1. Know that going straight always presents a risk of permanently straightening your curls. We hate to put a damper on your blowout bash, but the reality is that all curls are not created equal and each mane reacts differently to heat. That being said, if your hair is super sensitive, seek professional help when going straight.

2. Start with shampoo that assists with heat-styling like Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo. Curls are prepped to be blown straight with minimal effort due to the conditioning and silkening agents in the cleanser.

3. When heat-styling, always use a rinse-out and leave in conditioner. Slippery, soft curls can be more easily detangled. Keracare Humecto Crème Conditioner is some kind of wonderful. Almost instantly, it silkens hair. Unlike in your natural styling process, rinse hair thoroughly to remove all traces of conditioner. Residue will destroy your style and fluff.

4. Before blow-drying, slide on Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield to blow dry with ease. When blow-drying, use the techniques of the experts. Use a dryer with a metal plate in the comb to smooth curls and blow straight down with slow strokes. Use a few more droplets before flat-ironing. The serum helps to fight extreme humidity.

5. To stop curls from quickly reverting back after that initial flat-iron, wrap your hair immediately with a satin scarf.