Women understand that every hair piece is not made equally. A good weave, wig, or extension can make or break a person's reputation, not to mention their actual real hair. Luckily, fashion industry legend and first Black cover model for Vogue Beverly Johnson has come out with a line of hair products specifically for women of color and their particular hair needs. "I’ve been doing a line of wigs for awhile," said Johnson in a recent interview. "But my daughter wears her hair natural, and that’s the thing, even if you wear a wig or a weave you want to take care of your hair underneath." When speaking about the target customers of her new line of hair, Johnson explained that she expected a diverse range of women with varying hair types: " I want to see mothers and daughters using my products. I think what happened is that people want to feel like you're doing something for them. It makes them feel, "Wow, she's thinking about me and my needs." My family is multicultural, we have a lot of different women with a lot of needs."

In addition to hooking up women everywhere with their special hair needs, Johnson will also be coming to a television near you. Having recently obtained her own reality series on OWN network titled "Beverly's Full House," the fashion icon will be giving audiences everywhere a look into her busy life of business, fashion and family along with her daughter and granddaughter. "I'm so scared!" Johnson revealed, yet we have a feeling that her series, as well as her business, will bring us the same style and flavor that we've come to expect from Johnson over the years.