As the 90s group Toni! Tony! Tone! would sing, do you know what today is? It's Beyonce and Jay-Z's fourth anniversary. The most celebrated celebrity power couple exchanged vows to one another four years to this date, on the their favorite day, the fourth. In addition to exchanging intimate gifts with one another, Bey will also be gifting her stans with a close look into her life through her very own Tumblr blog titled The Beyhive. Eager followers have been told to expect a large stream of photos and other special tidbits straight from the international artist herself.

Originally known for being very private about her personal life and relationship, Beyonce seems to have grown tremendously more comfortable with having her relationship and daily encounters in the spotlight. She's even been open about including the public throughout her various stages of pregnancy, as well as her cute mommy-daughter outings out and about with Blue Ivy. Having grown up and come of age in the celebrity spotlight, Beyonce must have felt the need to keep her guard up. However, now that she's bloomed into a grown woman and mother, she's shining even brighter. Congrats to the beautiful couple Jay-Z and Bey, may they continue to put their love on top!