While we can't all be Beyonce and live her glamorous life, we can always smell like the Queen B. This spring, Beyonce is set to premiere Pulse: Summer Edition, the fourth perfume in her collection of fragrances. A follow-up to her original scent, Pulse, the summer edition will "capture the essence of a playful, sun-drenched summer day," not to mention a new admirer or two every time the spring breeze blows.

Similar to its predecessor, the limited edition summer scent will feature pear and jasmine notes, as well as new notes ginger orchid, Tunisian orange flowers, sapphire woods, and pink pepper. Shoppers need not ball like Beyonce either, because Pulse: Summer Edition is set to retail for $49-$59.

Look out for the perfume to hit shelves soon. Does this perfume sound that different from Beyonce's original Pulse perfume? Should the singer begin investing her brand in a new avenue?