In news that will be sure to make Apple executives jump with joy, Amazon and Target are refusing to stock the CD version of Beyoncé's new album in protest over the fact she released it first on iTunes, according to Billboard. So Beyoncé went shopping at Wal-Mart in Tewksbury, Mass., on Friday night and after walking through the store pushing a cart like everyone else she gave 750 shoppers a $50 gift card — a giveaway totaling $37,500. Wal-Mart is, of course, the arch-rival of both Amazon and Target.

Hijinks aside, there is a lot of money at stake here. Beyonce gave iTunes a one-week exclusive to sell the album, "Beyonce," and it shifted 600,000 units during the period at $15.99 each. That's $9.5 million in total sales. So far, it appears that Amazon and Target may be cutting off their noses to spite their faces.