Ebony Banks, a Texas high school student has spent much of her senior year in the hospital after being diagnosed with a rare form of Stage 4 cancer.

But, Banks’ family and friends knew the one thing that would, without a doubt, lift her spirits: meeting Beyoncé.

“She’s like my everything and my idol,” the Houston teen expressed to KHOU, a local station. “And if I ever met her, I would probably pass out.”

Welp, little did she know, her time with Queen Bey would soon come.

Using her “Ebob” nickname, her tribe of loved ones created the hashtag campaign, #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE and it gained enough traction via social media and local news outlets to catch the attention of the twin-carrying superstar. What came next was an amazing “wow” moment and lovely exchange between Banks and her idol.

We know the trending powers of a hashtag, but when it presents results like this, we still can’t help but to be filled with joy.