When we …meaning people who aren’t living a life of fame …share images of our #datenight with bae, we usually get a few likes and comments of encouragement.

But it appears that Beyoncé can’t do such things.

On Friday, while out with her superstar hubby, JAY-Z for a night on the town, Bey posted a photo of herself drinking what appears to be a glass of wine. She also uploaded an image of Hov sipping on a lil something as well.

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Looks innocent enough, right?

Well, apparently a few social media trolls didn’t think so. In fact, they straight up proceeded to come down on the mother of three for having a glass of wine, while talking about her breasts at the same damn time.

“No breastfeeding?” one commenter wrote.

“If she is nursing the babies, wine ain’t good,” wrote another.

“Yes she definitely had some babies them boobies is fulll,” another poster wrote.


While I understand that a certain level of scrutiny is expected when you’re a celebrity, what I can’t rock with is baseless judgement and speculation.

We do not know if Beyoncé is breastfeeding or not. Even if this was the case, trust and believe a little bit of wine …also speculation because we don’t know what’s in the glass …ain’t never hurt nobody. I mean, it isn’t even an entire glass for god’s sake.

Let her live man, damn.