Ring the alarm, y’all! Queen Bey has officially joined the ranks and become a member of TikTok. Who would’ve thought we’d ever see the day? The multi-hyphenate entertainer joined the platform overnight and has already racked up 277.6K followers and counting—which is astounding since she hasn't posted any content yet. With her dedicated fanbase of admirers and music lovers, it's clear that the #BeyHive will follow her anywhere.

Beyoncé is notoriously silent when it comes to interacting with the social media community. With the exception of Ivy Park drops and stuntin’ on the ‘gram with her sick outfits, her presence is essentially ghost online. With TikTok being a highly collaborative and interactive platform, what does her introduction to the platform mean for us?

Mrs. Knowles-Carter has definitely mastered the element of surprise and innovative rollouts. In 2013, she made the world stop with her self-titled album Beyoncé that she released digitally without any prior warning which shifted the way music has been dropped since. Will her next rollout be a TikTok-centric campaign? The questions are endless as we await for the “Lemonade” legend to indulge us.

We can also only wonder if the Queen of Choreography will be attempting any popular TikTok dance trends or coming up with new ones. The real question on everyone’s mind is will her reign on the platform last longer than her hubby Jay-Z’s time on Instagram which was a record of 24 hours.

Leave it to Beyoncé to build anticipation with fourteen days left in the year. After racking up at the 2021 Grammy Awards and changing the game with back-to-back ready to wear collections, she's had a pretty dope year. The one thing that is for sure is that whatever's to come by way of Queen Bey's TikTok will no doubt be iconic and one-of-a-kind.