Don't be surprised if Beyonce and Jay-Z soon develop a slight accent of sorts. According a source close to the entertainers, Beyonce and Jay-Z have recently rented a London townhouse close to their best celebrity friends Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin after family friends suggested they make the move. While the two are certainly no strangers to being on the road, now that Blue Ivy is in the picture, the parents would like to provide a more stable and consistent type of home environment. 

The couple has reportedly been searching for a home away from home in Londontown, given how much time both will be spending in Europe in the upcoming months. Jay has the "Watch The Throne" tour with Kanye and will also be performing at Radio 1's Big Weekend concert, while Beyonce will be launching her latest perfume in Europe this summer. Knowing Jay and Bey, they'll surely want a great deal of privacy, as well as rooms large enough to fit what is sure to be a massive amount of gifts and toys for Blue Ivy alone. American fans of The Carters should not worry about their departure, because we know that at the end of the day Brooklyn has Jay-Z's heart and Beyonce has Jay's.