After the much talked about heart-to-heart had by Rihanna and Oprah this past weekend, many took to Twitter to suggest possible artists to interview for upcoming "Oprah's Next Chapter" episodes. Beyonce was, of course, a popular request, but as Oprah revealed, the hottest chick in the game apparently has no interest in being on the show just yet.

Interestingly enough, her hubby Jay-Z was featured on OWN's "Master Class." Not one to give up, Oprah tweeted that she's still "TRYiiinnng" to get a sit down with Bey. As for Lauryn Hill, another artist who was suggested, Oprah simply tweeted, “tried. She said no.” An interview with the much more controversial and sometimes cryptic Hill might make for better television than yet another standard sit down with Bey. Yet again, the "I Was Here" singer does seem to be opening herself up to the public more these days, so perhaps her "Next Chapter" episode would be just as intimate as her Tumblr page.